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Home > Glass, Weatherstripping > QTR WINDOW HINGE


Qtr Window Metal Hinge

Part #: 847-319P72 74 RP
VW #: 143-847-319 A
You must have metal channel on front of 1/4 window.
Qtr Window Metal Hinge
AKA: quarter, 1/4

Fits :
  1972 - 1974 Coupe-only
Our Price: $5.25
Item in stock!
Qtr Window Metal Hinge

Qtr Window Hinge, Plastic, 6/Set

Part #: 847-319P60 71 RPST
VW #: 143-847-319 ST
6 per Set, 1 Set per Car
Qtr Window Hinge, Plastic, 6/Set
AKA: quarter, 1/4

Fits :
  1960 - 1971 Coupe-only
Our Price: $6.40
Item in stock!
Qtr Window Hinge, Plastic, 6/Set


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